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Recruiting Millennials on Facebook [Infographic]

We just came across this interesting study conducted by Millennial Branding of 4 million Facebook users aged 18 – 29 (infographic included below). Using data from Identified.com, the firm found that two-thirds of Gen-Y users do not list their employers on Facebook. This has interesting ramifications for social recruiting and provides one more clue that social networks aren’t a magic solution to all of our recruiting woes.

The study also found that many millennials are “friends” with their co-workers on Facebook. The users sampled were connected to an average of 16 co-workers each, and 80% of them are connected to at least one work buddy. The raw data provides additional insights and is available on Millennial Branding’s blog post about the study.

There has been plenty written about the high-turnover of Gen-Y workers, the work-life balance factors that affect their employment decisions, and the widespread cluelessness among employers about how to retain them. But is the situation improving?

As the study implies, economic realities in the U.S. have pushed many young workers (who lack the experience of older generations) to pursue jobs in the hospitality and travel industry, when they might have otherwise taken jobs more closely related to their fields of study or professional interests.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about millennial hiring over the last 2-3 years. Does your company make a special effort to attract millennials? How are you doing this? Do you feel any resentment from your older candidates or employees?


[Infographic] Professional use of Facebook by Generation-Y

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