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SourceCon Atlanta: Don’t Forget the Phone!

SourceCon 2012 in Atlanta last week drew the biggest crowd SourceCon has ever seen.  And the phone got a lot of play.

During one of the first presentations, Aida LaChaux talked about reinventing the sourcing function at Yahoo.  A big part of her team’s success has come from picking up the phone. Instead of sending e-mail or InMail and hoping that prospects reply, Aida’s team has started to call every prospective candidate to pitch opportunities at the company.  She says it has made a “tremendous difference,” and at least 19% of their hires now come from direct recruiting efforts.

SourceCon LogoAnd Aida was quick to stress that all the software and social recruiting efforts in the world can’t replace the basic need to build relationships with prospects.  Sourcers and recruiters can’t be effective without some good, old-fashioned recruiting. You can hear more about Aida’s philosophy in our video interview with her.

Getting back to basics was a common theme last week. Conni LaDouceur did an amazing job of showing that phone sourcing will never be replaced by the Internet.  Other speakers emphasized the power of the telephone in building rapport with prospective candidates and providing a better candidate experience.

I attended SourceCon New York last February, and there were many more in-house sourcers and recruiters represented this year. This tells me that companies are investing in their internal teams and realizing just how valuable the sourcing function is.  The SourceCon community and the staff at ERE have done a phenomenal job of getting the word out by publishing relevant articles, research, and hosting great events that showcase the many important facets of talent acquisition.

At Scavado, my team and I believe in helping our subscribers find the very best talent.  It takes work, and companies are starting to embrace the skill and perseverance needed to build a world-class workforce.  In the past, our industry has been caught up in process — focusing on tools and techniques instead of results.  That mindset seems to be changing (for the better), but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Don’t forget to focus on results.  If you’re making great hires, the rest is just details.

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Lori is the Founder and Search Guru at Scavado. She has spent over 18 years as a recruiter, participating in thousands of sourcing projects in various disciplines and running her boutique RPO for several years. That experience led to the famed "Mandarin-speaking cosmetics formulator" search that launched Scavado.