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Why the Lame Finalists?

Source: blogs.villagevoice.comThe value of passive candidates has become so overstated, it’s almost a cliche.  There’s definitely an argument to be made about whether or not passives are always best, but take a good look at American politics and you’ll likely agree that the best candidates often don’t put themselves into the mix.

We’ve all been there as recruiters: you have a super hard req, but you don’t have time to do much recruiting. You have 40+ other reqs assigned to you, plus loads of other corporate responsibilities. There are some internal applicants and some external applicants, and a few that really want this job. When you evaluate their likability, viability in the role, and other factors, you realize… they all kind of suck.

Politics is no different: there’s often no clear front-runner and usually a lack of enthusiasm about the finalists.  Maybe political parties need recruiters, but they probably just need leadership.

That’s what companies need, too.  Will you take the easy road, or do what’s best for the company?  This is the perfect time to be a hero.  A recruiting mastermind.  A sourcing savant.  It’s time to bring in a “ringer” — the perfect candidate.  Someone you can be proud to present to the hiring team.

What usually happens instead?  We settle for the best of the pack. Could that guy or gal do the job?  Probably. Is she a good culture fit? We’ll see. Could he really lead your company to greatness, or is he just average? Maybe… but who knows.

It takes a lot of work to proactively recruit the best person, but you owe it to yourself and your company.  You’re a recruiter, right?  So go recruit.

About Lori Fenstermaker

Lori is the Founder and Search Guru at Scavado. She has spent over 18 years as a recruiter, participating in thousands of sourcing projects in various disciplines and running her boutique RPO for several years. That experience led to the famed "Mandarin-speaking cosmetics formulator" search that launched Scavado.