The ability to uncover high quality prospective candidates on the Internet is an essential function in today’s competitive market.

Does Scavado search active candidate sources?

Scavado is not a job board. It’s a search engine for recruiters. It’s like a web-based alternative to attending a class or session on how to write Boolean Search Strings to locate passive, specific talent on the Internet.

How does it work?

Simply plug in keywords, and Scavado goes to work interrogating a spectrum of web domains and search engines looking for results from leading business and social networking sites, employee lists, membership groups, press releases, company websites, universities and trade schools then displays the results of your query in a consolidated dashboard. Scavado does the search work for you, saving hours of time otherwise spent on developing search strings and applying them manually for each site searched.

Can I save my candidates?

Scavado also provides an organizational capability that lets you “bookmark” your search results into distinct Projects. So, you do your research, save the desired individuals you wish to contact into a Project Folder, and export this data into a report format for future action. There are also helpful tools like email pattern finder and email verifier. The time savings associated with not having to build multiple queries at an array of different web locations is invaluable, as is the consolidation of search results.

Who uses Scavado?

Corporate and 3rd party recruiters and sourcers that are looking for specialized talent.

How do I implement Scavado at my company?

Since Scavado is web-based there is nothing to install. All you need is a web-browser. You’ll be up in running in less than 5 minutes.

Scavado is not for everyone. If you are looking for a solution where the prospect is teed up and waiting for a recruiter to call, we are probably not for you. Scavado is for recruiters that aren’t afraid to dig for the best prospects and proactively reach out.

Why is Scavado so inexpensive compared to other sourcing solutions?

We believe recruiters work differently and often purchase multiple tools to have success filling their diverse requisitions. Recruiters shouldn’t have to go through a series of never ending meetings or make a presentation to the CFO to be able to buy a good sourcing tool.