We believe that sourcing for specialized talent on the Internet should be quick and painless. Hiring managers don’t care if you write search strings, post on job boards, or cold call prospects. They just want good candidates to interview, and they wanted them yesterday.

We believe good prospects are everywhere: on attendee lists, social and business networks, company websites, press releases, speaker bios, industry trade groups, blogs, university alumni groups, and a million other places. That’s why Scavado searches for talent all over the web.

And don’t worry: using Scavado won’t make you look weak. On the contrary, you’ll just be more efficient at what you already do so well. In minutes (instead of hours), Scavado can help you build a great target list for your toughest reqs.

The rest is up to you.

We believe good prospects deserve to be called, not spammed with mass messages.

Our mission is to deliver the talent search engine that helps you strategically build your talent pipeline. As a member of the Scavado community:

  • You’ll make more quality hires
  • Your hiring managers and boss will see that you don’t just wait for candidates to apply
  • You’ll have more time to spend on other aspects of your job
  • You won’t need 3rd¬†party help as often, or at all
  • You’ll gain credibility with internal and external clients as a consultative recruiter; Scavado helps you build market intelligence
  • You’ll be better at your job and more strategic (read: promotions and raises)
  • Your colleagues and competitors will ask how you’re finding such stellar candidates

We believe that every recruiter should be a rockstar. Scavado is on your side, empowering great recruiters to find great talent, anywhere and everywhere you can.

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