Scavado Hire

Who we are:

Scavado Hire is a boutique Recruitment Process Outsourcing Firm (RPO) dedicated to helping corporate recruiters, HR departments, and third party agencies across a broad range of industries and disciplines identify and acquire the best talent.

Why We’re Different:

Flexible and Affordable
Hourly services at an affordable rate make it possible to deal with the peaks and valleys that come with talent acquisition.

We work your recruiting assignment like a Project, not a “Job Order”.
We’ll do an intake, match your project with a recruiter that best aligns with your requirements, we’ll estimate the number of hours it will take and provide you with a statement of work. We even send status reports all the way through. No more “being in the dark” when it comes to what’s happening with your requisitions.

You get the Goods.
At the end of every project, we give you all the data we’ve compiled. Really.

Our Team
It’s all about the people, and we take great pride in the dynamic, innovative, and talented group of people on our team. We come from diverse backgrounds which allow us to bring a unique spectrum of qualities to our clients. We are veteran third party and corporate recruiters, sourcers, career service counselors, project managers and marketing brand managers. We collaborate with clients every day to bring a unique set of perspectives and services to every engagement.

Typical Engagements:

Full Lifecycle Recruiting
Defining requirements, developing a search strategy, screening, interviewing, offer management… we do it all, or just what you need.

Hourly Sourcing and Name-Generation
Scavado Hire provides hourly name generation and sourcing services to supplement your internal team or provide support while you build your internal sourcing function.

Applicant Ranking, Correspondence, and ATS/CRM Clean-Up
When you’re flooded with responses to a job posting, our team can handle initial processes and ranking tasks. We’ll make sure applicants are in the folder that most closely aligns with their skills. We’ll also perform pre-screen interviews and manage applicant correspondence, protecting your employment brand if you’re too busy to manage all the relationships.

Staff Training and Development
Our team has decades of recruiting and sourcing experience, and we love to share our knowledge. We offer best-practices training in areas like recruiting techniques, effective phone strategies, handling objections, rebuttals, salary negotiation, closing, offer acceptance, and much more.

For example, our Sourcer in a Box offering is a great way to sharpen your team’s sourcing skills. One of our experienced Super Sourcers will provide a personalized training session developed for your company and the types of jobs you source. The session covers sourcing strategy, identifying the appropriate keywords to target (acronyms, certifications, competitor names, alternate titles), creating an opportunity profile (to help sell candidates on your company), finding contact information, teeing up a list, and crafting great initial email and call scripts. At the end of the session, your team will have passive candidates to contact immediately. Deliverables include: Opportunity Profile Template, to market positions to prospective candidates Email and phone scripts, to articulate opportunities to passive candidates Pre-search Document/Intake