The Scavado Story

After paying for a training class on Internet sourcing, Lori and the sourcing crew looked through the pages of notes and started trying some of the techniques on their own reqs. Pretty soon they found themselves spending more time writing Boolean search strings than calling candidates and talking with hiring managers. Lori knew there had to be a more efficient way.

So, she partnered with a software company to build a talent search engine and recruiting tool to make Internet research easy enough for them (anyone) to do, but powerful enough to make even the best Boolean search experts more efficient. While on-site at one of Lori’s clients, they asked her to help find a “Mandarin-speaking cosmetics formulator with consumer products experience. When she was able to provide some great prospects within just a few minutes, they asked how she did it. Once they saw what was on her computer screen they asked if they could buy licenses of the tool, and Scavado was born.

When a recruiter accidentally starts a software company, it can get pretty interesting. It’s been a long haul. Over the first couple of years Lori and crew kept plugging away on recruiting assignments and selling Scavado subscriptions to companies that heard how awesome it was.

The first company Lori founded, Scavado Hire, (formerly Automatic) locates stellar talent on a time and materials basis. What’s awesome about Scavado is it wasn’t just invented to make some serial tech entrepreneur or engineer rich. It was built by a recruiter that needed her process of sourcing talent on-line to be more efficient. Oh, and her husband happens to be a super smart software developer.

Scavado has been “under the radar” for several years. The naysayers on Twitter and Linked In groups don’t believe a machine can do what people should do themselves but our loyal subscribers that renew month after month disagree. We have soldiered on because we know it works, we fill our own jobs with it. We have a passion for helping our subscribers find awesome talent on the Internet without the headaches. Our subscribers range from self employed 3rd party recruiters, publicly traded RPO firms to Corporate Recruiters within Fortune 500 companies.

If you are a recruiter that believes the best candidates are “found” and you aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and recruit them, then Scavado is for you. If you have tons of requirements and are looking for fast submittals in large quantities we may not be the best fit. Scavado is a search engine that helps save you time. You became a recruiter to interact with candidates and hiring managers, not to become a search algorithm expert.